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Diamond Jewellery

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Handmade Diamond Jewellery UK – Based

Got eyes for opulent diamond rings? You are absolutely in the right place as we have just the right piece of sumptuous ornaments to satisfy your inner ‘craving a fancy jewellery’ self.

Our affordable diamond rings for women are the best selling and most popular category in the jewellery world.

Our clients love the way we offer flexibility and just the right piece for them which always falls in their budget.

Handmade Diamond Rings UK – Ones That Falls Right Under Your Budget

For all those who keep ten feet distance from the diamond rings shop because of their pocket or who stare at those intricately handcrafted luxurious pieces of jewellery from outside the shop, we are here to give you warm welcome inside our brilliantly cosy store.

A place where you find the right trinkets for your long fingers and comfortably spend your money.

We first like to thoroughly discuss your budget and the maximum you can push. We then present you with our bespoke diamond rings that are made to order and support your budget.

If your taste is more like a rare or ‘never seen that piece jewellery’ kind, we are all up for putting two-three designs of diamond rings on the table.

 Handmade Diamond Rings London – The Process

 We believe in transparency in our business. And so, it is our utmost duty to let our customers know how do we carry out the process of making their rings.

There are a total of two techniques to make a diamond ring,

  • Traditional Techniques
  • Wax Casting

In the traditional technique, after cutting the chosen metal in the ring size and shaping the metal in a ring shape, the claw that holds the diamond is designed delicately. Once the diamond is all set in the claw, it is further polished and fitted into the ring’s claw to be worn by the lucky person.

While the traditional technique has its own feasibility and perks, wax casting consists of carving and casting of wax. The process is a traditional one as well and has been followed by many jewellers for centuries.

 Wax is carved into an exact model of the ring that needs to be created. The designer then submerge the model into a metal flask where it is filled with plaster.

Once the model hardens, it is placed in a high-temperature oven where the wax completely leaves the metal ring and left behind is a hollow impression of the initial model.

After vacuum casting or centrifugal, the mould is cooled before extracting. The ring is now all ready to be further refined and polished before surprising our client with our cunningly impeccable artwork.

 For further queries and concerns, feel free to contact us or pay us a visit.

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