A non-conventional role of a woman in society was a serious taboo where she came from. Yet she broke away from her conservative background and took charge of her future. Her first foray into fashion set the tone to redefine the future of luxury design as we know it. Armed with an education from London College of Fashion, she set out to hone her craft and make a name of her own.

When marriage took her across metropolitans globally, she placed her dreams aside to focus on her family and their well being. Yet the determined mother of three continued designing as a side hustle, within time stolen from responsibilities. Two decades later however, her marriage ended. Picking up the pieces, Maria chose to set an example for her children, for women held back from their full potential and most significantly – her own mirror.

She single-handedly built her dream business, creating spectacular, ethical and inspired designs. Her body of work has cultural influences from the East and the West. Her unique, custom pieces are lasting treasures, untouched by the passing of trends or time.

If it’s titles you’re looking for, then Maria Khan has been vetted by the voices that be, in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Fashion One, and Hello! magazines. The halls of BAFTA sparkle with Maria Khan’s bespoke givebacks.

Maria Khan designs for women like her: BoldConfident and Expressive

Choose Maria Khan.
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Maria Khan is a London based designer on a mission- create opulent, hand-crafted designs that reflect the beauty, strength and elegance of the modern woman.

The designer began her company as a single mother and passionate artist, determined to carry “the modern woman” through the daily and special events of her life, while enhancing her self-confidence. Her custom designs draw their inspiration from the industry’s finest artisans.

Her success with London’s fashionable sensibilities inspired Maria Khan London (MKL) to expand the reach of her mission, to touch the lives of far more women across the globe. And this is just a reflection of the unbridled spirit and determination of the designer to keep creating without boundaries.

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