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Handmade Brooches For Women

As much as a convenient fashion accessory brooches are, they are distinctly modern. They are considered fancy and so are expensive.

Maria Khan Jewellery presents you with heirloom-quality brooches that are to be kept safe and secured for centuries. The range is not only limited to vintage-inspired jewellery but our diversity extends to putting forth steampunk jewellery as well as delicate and charming jewellery design for a much younger generation.

 Handmade Brooches UK

With the collaboration of our designer’s cunning set of skills and flawless unblemished pearls, we manage to satisfy your eyes for a fancy and exquisite piece of jewellery.

For more vintage jewellery, we give a little traditional touch to make the brooches more suitable for an heirloom-design look. If you have eyes for classic and traditional jewellery, you will find gazillions of pieces of ornaments to match your expectations.

 Our lustrous brooches will make you drool!

The traditional wedding brooches will give you the perfect ‘grandma’s pearls’ look that you’ve always wished for.

 A Diverse Range And Gazillions of Brooches Collection

Our team of designers and jewellers are Remarkable and their skills, unprecedented.

From designing a brooch out of hand-printed silk to putting in glossy and exquisite stone in place with precision, our staff knows how to do it all.

May it be a deep red coloured piece of respective jewellery or just a subtle and luxe blue, we cater to your every need and wish.

Here’s how we manage to fulfil your expectations,

  • We first hold a meeting in person with our clients and draft out a plan where our designers get familiar with your expectation and requirements and you get to know how things work at our humbling and welcoming store.
  • Once the basics are covered, our designers by keeping you in the loop, draft out a first sketch of the intriguing matrix and share it with you.
  • Then comes the process of further refining and giving last touches to the sketch before fabricating it into reality.

Fabricating Your Dreams Into Reality

We are a leading handmade brooches London – based store. undoubtedly, the best in town jewellers who makes your eyes shine and heart smile.

Discover the reds and blues, the twist and turns, and golds and silvers with us. Let’s take the idea of steampunk and heirloom brooches to a whole next level.

Contact us now or give us a visit and we will take you a euphorically arresting rollercoaster ride.

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