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Handmade Rings UK

 In a world where most jewellers go for a casting method where they can make more rings in less money, we at Maria Khan Jewellery, give more importance to the quality we produce.

We believe our success lies in your satisfaction therefore, we delicately hand curate your rings no matter the intricate matrixes.

The biggest drawback of casting jewellery is that there is a significant drop in the ring quality.

Therefore, we like to stay as far as possible from the casting jewellery method as we believe in premium quality that is worth keeping for ages.

So we fabricate rings from our own hands to produce a more durable, rarer, and finer ring that even the best casting jewellery method can’t produce.


Handmade Rings Vs. Casting Rings

After our extensive research, we narrowed it down to the idea that casting luxurious jewellery requires much more metals than handmade jewellery therefore, a ring made by the casting method does not bring out that finishing and stronger look as it was intended.

While we use only the required amount of metals and bring you an end result worth spending money on.

Making rings by hand gives us an edge over the casting jewellery when the ring making involves stone setting.

Casting jewellery works in a similar way every time and the fact that stones have different shapes means there is a need for flexibility in the setting of it otherwise it will fall off anytime soon.

Handmade jewellers are able to make settings that let the stone sit perfectly in the metal claw making the whole trinket of jewellery beautiful and breathtaking.

Our Impecabbly Breathtaking Handmade Rings London

Our artisan is exceptionally skilful. Never once they have made something that went unappreciated thanks to their marvellous jobs in manufacturing rings that are strikingly captivating.

We tell your story through the art piece we create for you. It is a reminder for you to know how much you meant to us and how much effort we have put into making your ring. There is a story behind each and every creation.

Fabricating your dream rings to reality takes an incredible amount of our time and we’re all up for the challenge. All we want is for your hands to look fancy and luxurious by wearing those rings made by our own humble hands!

Get your hands on the best handmade rings for women in town before it’s too late. Don’t hesitate in reaching out to us as for us, only you matter and we are always more than happy to clear your concerns and satisfy your queries.

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